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“Public educations gives you a job…

College education gives you a career…

Self-education gives you financial freedom!”

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Michelle Jones is living her dream; happy marriage, bunch of kids, time and money, a career that makes her happy and for which she has incredible passion. In fact it’s a job she loves so much that she mentors other women so they too can enjoy the dream.

And, while this was what she had always hoped for, the path to it was a winding one and she is very frank about that, admitting to mistakes she made along the way but grateful for the opportunity to learn from them.

It’s her second marriage, the first being a victim of skewed priorities, and to fill a house with kids she loves she had to first learn she could not have children of her own, heartbreaks she know she shares with a lot of women.

And the career she loves … well that is something she said she would never do and for years thought it was something that was invented to keep bored housewives busy! As for all the years she spent in school, not wasted of course, but the plan for that was quite different too.

Michelle’s previous dislike for the business she is now in and loves was cultivated early. She recalls a distant relative, who was the subject of family ridicule for being “in sales”. Even when his efforts earned him a nice, new, free car, the family laughed at him. The opinion seemed pretty unanimous; being in sales was not something to be proud of.

So imagine her confusion when a retail gig she took to put her through school took her all the way to the VP’s office with a salary much better than her business/psychology degree could offer. It did not however provide her with any joy. Working nights, weekends and holidays wrecked havoc on her marriage and most nights she lay awake wondering; Is this it?

After her marriage dissolved she had a plan: A PhD, open her own practice, help kids, which was always the goal, and it would pay well.

It was then that a friend begged her too come to a in-home cosmetic party, Michelle would be the fifth body necessary to make the evening happen. Reluctantly she went.

business consulting, business coaching, business growth, business goals, personal goals, life coaching, personal coaching, personal growth

The hostess arrived late and Michelle thought: I would never do this but if I did, I’d do it differently. She spent most of the evening thinking that she would never do this but if she did, she would do it better. At one point the hostess revealed that she made more doing these parties than she did in her “real” job as a nurse.

Michelle thought:

Well, if she can do this then I sure can, and just like she was in Direct Sales, the thing she realized Uncle Harvey must have been doing and that thing she thought was just for bored housewives.

Very quickly Michelle was making $5000 a month and her team was number one in the country for seven years in a row. She was making the kind of money that she was sure people exaggerated about when trying to attract new people to the fold.

For the longest time Michelle was still embarrassed about the work and when asked what she did, Michelle told people she (was at school or still working in corporate America) and had ‘this thing on the side’ until one day she answered with:

I teach women how to run their own business from home.

That is the focus now. Michelle has had great success in a business she loves and for the last 15 years has been training women how to become successful running their own Direct Sales business. How to enjoy it and grow it to be big as they want it to be.

As easily as Michelle once laughed at the notion of Direct Sales, she can honestly tell you now she now considers it a gift. There’s no limit to what you can make whereas “out there” most jobs have as salary cap. You are your own boss, you decide on the hours you want to work and how big you want to become. It gives you time for yourself and for your family which Michelle sees as being the biggest draw.

Soon after she remarried she found out she could not have children so she and her husband became foster parents and have since adopted three children they fostered; they are five, four and three years old.

These little loves were born addicted so there have been a lot of appointments, therapies and costs involved with getting them healthy and caught up. Michelle’s work allows her the time and provides the financial resources to help her children grow and succeed.

She has a happy marriage, house full of kids, handsome salary, derives joy and satisfaction from her work, loves helping other women find their path… it wasn’t the direct route to all the things she hoped for but when is that path ever straight?

If your own winding road has brought you here, if this is what you are looking for, perhaps already doing but in need of some help, Michelle can mentor you through the process, share her expertise and get you on a new path to success in Direct Sales where you and Michelle can toast her family member who, as it’s told, never did anything but smile.

business consulting, business coaching, business growth, business goals, personal goals, life coaching, personal coaching, personal growth

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