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Your Creative Spark

December 13, 20222 min read

6 Ways to Fire Up Your Creative Spark in 30 Minutes or Less

Not feeling very creative, but have a little time to try and boost that creative spark? Below you’ll find several tips that will set your brain back in motion in just 30 minutes or less!

1. Create something. By using your hands to create something new, you stimulate your brain to think creatively. Buy some modeling clay and see what you can make. Take up knitting or crocheting. Try baking something (especially bread dough that you can knead yourself). The key is to put your fingers in motion.

2. Get outside – specifically in a green space. Some studies have shown that exposure to green spaces stimulates the brain in numerous ways – one being in the areas associated with creativity. To get your fill of green, visit a park. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous take a hike. Have some space? Try gardening.

3. Spend time with your BFF. By getting together with someone you know well and have come to trust, you can relax and talk about the things that are really on your mind. Your BFF is the perfect person to brainstorm with, or even to talk out a problem. And who knows, they might even have the solution you’re seeking!

4. Try yoga. The gentle movements involved in yoga makes it an ideal exercise for anyone. Did you know that there were specific poses said to inspire creativity? Add to this the fact that yoga is known to reduce stress and relax the mind. That means it’s the perfect exercise for the person who is stuck and needs to find a creative spark. Click here to try out some free yoga classes at home.

Your creative spark

5. Try something you’ve never done before. By experimenting with a new skill, or even a new recipe, you stimulate parts of the brain that you haven’t used in that way before. That inspires new connections in your neural networks, which are so necessary for creative thinking.

6. Last but not least – take a nap. Could it be that you’re just too tired to be creative. Half an hour is the perfect amount of time for a cat nap, to rest and recharge that brain!

Having a limited amount of time shouldn’t keep you from being creative. There’s a lot of things you can try in only 30 minutes or less. The key is to get your mind engaged in something new or interesting. Pay attention to what works, and then consider using whatever caused the spark to create a new habit. That will keep the creativity flowing year-round!

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Brian P Cook

Brian Cook is a digital marketing expert and CEO of Mind Body Digital Marketing. With a passion for innovation, he established his own company and leads with dedication. Brian's mission is to promote holistic health through digital marketing.

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